HAK CONSULTING SERVICES, INC Industrial Engineering Consulting Herman Keesee, PE hkcs@aol.com, 717-448-7842 "Work Smarter Not Harder"
HAK CONSULTING SERVICES, INC        Industrial Engineering Consulting             Herman Keesee, PE       hkcs@aol.com,   717-448-7842         "Work Smarter Not Harder"

Industry Served



Licensed Industrial Engineer working with:

International Consulting Firm

Custom & Residential Furniture Manufacturer

Construction Equipment - work aerial platforms... 

Vinyl window manufactuer - patio doors, room enclosures

Printing - personal and business check making

Leather manufacturing for automotive  industry

Mechanical Contractor - HVAC

Consumer Products - small appliances

Furniture - contract, residential, kitchen

Warehousing and Distribution - food, personal care products

Aluminum windows, storm doors, exterior doors.

Custom residential furniture

Agricultural Equipment - tractors, balers...








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