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   HAK Consulting Services, Inc       Factory and Warehouse Process Audit   Herman Keesee, PE                      hkcs@aol.com,  phone 717-448-7842 

Factory and Warehouse Audit

Why is your company losing money? How can you stop the leak in profits? If you continue to do the same thing you will get the same results.
As a small or medium size companies you have the same problems and issues as larger companies. In most cases you don't have a staff of engineers to assist you in decision making and future planning. With over 50 years of Industrial Engineering experience I can help you get to a better solution quicker. 


Where to Start

Analyze your processes, whether they are manufacturing or distribution, and decide the most profitable starting point.

Identify where the best opportunities for improvement are and take corrective action.

Continuous improvement is more of a band-aid approach and takes to long to get significant results. You will always need band-aids but sometimes you need MORE.

You can't wait for time required to train your staff to get process improvements, you need an experienced engineer to get results.

Take Action

Benjamin Franklin said "Remember time is money".

Wasting time, is wasting money. Pin-point the problems in your factory or warehouse and develop a plan to "Fix the Problem".



      Where will you get "the biggest bang for your buck".

Problem and solutions are identified, evaluated and implemented for the best overall benefit to your business.

Take action and call or email today to get started.

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