HAK Consulting Services, Inc Factory and Warehouse Process Audit Herman Keesee, PE hkcs@aol.com, phone 717-448-7842
   HAK Consulting Services, Inc       Factory and Warehouse Process Audit   Herman Keesee, PE                      hkcs@aol.com,  phone 717-448-7842 

Plant and Warehouse Layout Planning

  1. Develop a layout based on relationships, space and adjustments to fit your future needs.
  2. Use proven layout development methods to define product volumes, material flows, activity relationships, seasonality..
  3. Develop a product/routing matrix to identify the highest/low volume product streams.
  4. Analyze the highest volume product processes to determine if the current method is the best one considering volume.
    • Progress from manual to semi-automated to automated
    • Evaluate combining process steps into cells
  5. Develop alternate block layouts with the layout team and evaluate which is the best.
  6. Define higher levels of technology where required, prepare RFQ as needed and measure potential return on investment.
  7. Prepare detailed layouts based on accepted level of technology.
  8. Evaluate and select the best detailed layout and level of technology and complete detailed layout.
  9. Prepare project schedule in a Gantt chart and initiate layout changes.



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