HAK CONSULTING SERVICES, INC. Herman Keesee, PE license ~ The Engineering profession's highest standard of competence, symbol of achievement & assurance of quality. Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project Management ISE-Industrial and Systems Engineering Consulting hkcs@aol.com, phone 717-448-7842 "Work Smarter Not Harder"
HAK CONSULTING SERVICES, INC.                                   Herman Keesee, PE license ~ The Engineering profession's highest standard of competence, symbol of achievement & assurance of quality.Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Project Management ISE-Industrial and Systems Engineering Consulting                   hkcs@aol.com,  phone 717-448-7842        "Work Smarter Not Harder" 

Professional Engineer

Christian based professional engineering and management consulting. 
Define the problem, measure, analyze, improve and control the improvement.
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Project Management

A few Notable Companies  


Federal Reserve Bank

Emerson Electric



Burts Bees


Hidden Valley.....click on "Companies Worked for" for more


Factory Layout

Using a systematic approach to identify poor material flow and wasted material handling and develop the best overall processes and layout.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certified 

If you're wasting time, you're wasting money. Pin-point Problem identification in your plant or warehouse, layouts and processes.

Where will you get

"the biggest bang for your buck".

Problem and solutions are identified, evaluated and implemented for the best overall benefit to the business.

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