HAK Consulting Services, Inc Factory and Warehouse Process Audit Herman Keesee, PE hkcs@aol.com, phone 717-448-7842
   HAK Consulting Services, Inc       Factory and Warehouse Process Audit   Herman Keesee, PE                      hkcs@aol.com,  phone 717-448-7842 

Licensed PE industrial engineering consultant, with over 50 years of experience and profit resultant work in North America, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, France and Germany. Are you looking for professional industrial and systems engineer? Do you want to maximize profit and reduce cost? You came to the right place.                  

  1. System definition, analysis and design of solutions, process flow charts, Pareto charts, requirements analysis, performance measures, bottleneck analysis, value stream mapping and project management.

  2. Facilities engineering and planning, network optimization, layout design, space analysis, capacity analysis, cost benefit analysis, site selection, unit load analysis, life cycle cost analysis and material handling techniques and equipment requirements evaluation.

  3. Supply chain and logistic, forecasting, production planning, engineering economics, costing systems, production scheduling methods, inventory management and control, distribution methods, storage and warehousing methods, transportation modes.

  4. Work Design, motion economy rules, line balancing, work measurement techniques, time standards, work sampling, safety codes, standards and voluntary guidelines, workplace design.

  5. Quality Engineering, statistical process control, process capability, acceptance sampling, continous improvement, process improvement, reliability analysis, root cause analysis.


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